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MySQL Sunday at Oracle Open World


Looks like Oracle is continuing to invest heavily in MySQL and the storage engine eco-system.  They've announced a full MySQL Sunday at the upcoming Oracle Open World Sunday September 19, in San Francisco.  Registration is only $75 which is a bargoon.  I expect this will be bigger than any MySQL conference held to date.  And there's also the JavaOne developer conference and the rest of the Oracle Open World show.

Ok, technically things actually start at noon, but knowing the MySQL crowd, I am sure there will be parties that go well past midnight.  Helan gar!


The good news is that there should be some good talks. The bad news is that some of my favorite speakers (Percona) won't be there.

Am I the only one who thinks the UI for is awful?

@mark Yes, the interface for Oracle is god awful. You should try registering as a speaker.

Giuseppe has an ideal view at

Generally the Sunday community events at OOW are also a full day, however this year due to a some holiday they are only 1/2 day.

"Registration is only $75 which is a bargoon."

That sounds like pirate money.

@ronald - ask Giuseppe about my speaker registration experience. Alas, he was very polite about it.

I don't work on UI/frontend stuff, so I can't say what is wrong with the UI? Is it bad javascript?

Enough ranting from me. There are many good talks. Maybe I will skip my talk to attend the talk on MySQL Cluster. I look forward to MySQL Sunday.

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