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Scott McNealy's Final Goodbye


I met Scott McNealy several times over the last year in customer meetings and to talk about Sun's open source strategy.  He's a class act all the way.  He sent out his final email to Sun employees and partners earlier today. 

Here's an excerpt:    

    While it was never the primary vision to be acquired by Oracle, it was always an interesting option. And this huge event is upon us now. Let’s all embrace it with all of the enthusiasm and class and talent that we have to offer.

    This combination has the potential to put Sun, its people, and its technology at the center of yet another industry and game changing inflection point. The opportunity is well documented and articulated by Larry and the Oracle folks. Not much I can add on this score. This is a very powerful merger. And way better than some of the alternatives we were facing...

    So, to be honest, this is not a note this founder wants to write. Sun in my mind should have been the great and surviving consolidator. But I love the market economy and capitalism more than I love my company. And I sure “hope” America regains its love affair with capitalism. And except for the auto industry, financial industry, health care, and some other places (I digress), the invisible hand is doing its thing quite efficiently. So I am more than willing to accept this outcome. And my hat is off to one of the greatest capitalists I have ever met, Larry Ellison. He will do well with the assets that Sun brings to Oracle...

    Oracle is getting a crown jewel of the technology industry. They will do great things with Sun. Do your best to support them and keep the Sun spirit alive and well in the industry. Our children will be better for it...

    My best to all of you, and remember: Kick butt and have fun!

You can read the entire letter over at CNet.


why is this post on planet mysql ?

Because you met Scot ? Because the "invisible hand" is working? If there is an invisible hand, it should keep planet.mysql limited to informative blogs.

Kick butt and lick ass ?

I don't know that person so I have a hard time detecting sarcasm, was he serious when he said "And except for [most of this planet's industry] the invisible hand is doing its thing quite efficiently" ?

This is bizarre.

'And I sure “hope” America regains its love affair with capitalism.' The thinly-veiled poke at President Obama aside, I have to say... Really, Scott?? Have you seen capitalism lately?

(America: I know you love Capitalism, but that doesn't mean he's allowed to beat you up. And I know he says he loves you, but he really just wants to control you.)

"And except for the auto industry, financial industry, health care, and some other places (I digress), the invisible hand is doing its thing quite efficiently."

Yeah, Scott. Discounting those little exceptions makes it all seem much brighter.

Sorry folks, but Scott is correct. The root cause is far too lax credit from the Fed and high debt/deficits, which have have caused a series of bubbles/bursts. It isn't just Obama (Bush too), it is our love affair with Keynesian economics (vs. Austrian) that is the root cause. The government response of takeovers, more cheap money and increased deficits simply delay and compound the problem. The resulting government bailouts, stimulus and takeovers are merely a response to the problems and yes, they further pervert capitalism.

It did not sadden me to wittiness the demise of Sun. I worked there during its Day. I also wittiness the couture of Sun, protect, preserve and promote their Insiders, by redirecting challenges away to others, that's until the fruits of others labor began to bare revenues and other acts of discrimination until all that were left are fatties scrambling for a set on a sinking boat, and knowing Larry would find them out.

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