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MySQL User Conference April 20-23 (update)


The MySQL Conference & Expo will be upon us in another week.  Kaj (pictured above top middle in an negative sauna) is putting together a great keynote panel on Cloud computing and there will be many sessions on performance tuning and optimization. The keynotes look to continue in the tradition of having very strong speakers, this year featuring presentations from Karen Padir who now runs the overall MySQL development organization, as well as Mark Callaghan from Google, Chuck Hagenbuch who ran Obama's online presidential campaign, and Don MacAskill from SmugMug.  

Looks like this could be the biggest MySQL conference ever, so if you want to make sure you get into the best tutorials and sessions, register now to avoid the on-site surcharge or missing out on sold-out sessions.  

Even though my new role has me working with many other groups at Sun, the MySQL Conference still holds a special place for me and many others.  It will be great to see some old friends and new in Santa Clara.

Kaj blogged yesterday about getting Andy Bechtolsheim as keynote presenter for Thursday.  Bechtolsheim was one of the founders of Sun Microsystems and an early investor in Google.  Not only is he brilliant, he's a humble and unassuming guy. 

Working with Marten

(Or the perils of working at home too much)


I was out of town for Marten's going away party so I decide to put together a brief video recalling what it was like to work with Marten Mickos, CEO of MySQL for the last 5+ years.  Inspired by Joaquin Phoenix, or perhaps it was the Unambomber, it came out a bit weird.  But what the heck.

Marten, it just won't be the same without you.  Thank you for your leadership and the confidence you bestowed in those who worked for you.  Confidence enough to pay tribute to you in MySQL boxer shorts.  There's also a slightly more professional "Toast to Marten" video that I created at the OSBC conference.