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If that was too cryptic, here's the news: we've extended the deadline on the Call for Papers for the upcoming MySQL User Conference which will be held April 20-23 in Santa Clara CA.  You've got until Nov 5 to get your proposals in. 

If you want to increase your odds of being accepted, here are some tips:

  • Make it technical, but accessible
  • Include both theory and practice (e.g. here's what we did and why)
  • Clearly identify who your talk is for (e.g. developers, DBAs, managers etc)
  • Topics related to Cloud computing, Data Warehousing, Performance tuning, are always hot
  • Showing off new capabilities in MySQL 5.1, Falcon, Maria, Drizzle, MySQL Monitor is good
  • Make sure someone technical submits the proposal, not a Marketing or PR flak
  • Don't make it a commercial for your product or business

And for those who didn't notice, MySQL 5.1 is now in its final RC candidate (this time for sure!) with Version 5.1.29 now available.  We've been running this version internally on our web site and it looks great.  At this point we are down to a handful of final bugs to fix before it gets declared GA.  Thanks to everyone who has helped find or fix bugs in 5.1!


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