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What could be more of an incentive to attend the MySQL Conference & Expo in Santa Clara next week than to know that you could get a pair of genuine MySQL boxer shorts?   They have the official "freedom to work anywhere" motto on them, because, well, if you're working at home, you may as well work in your boxers.  (This is not recommended for those who work in an office.)

This past weekend I was in Utah for the first ever Open Source Goat Rodeo (OSGR) gathering organized by rabid open source ski-cowboy and pie-maker extraordinaire Matt Asay.  I'm not sure why, but I got everyone to put the boxers on their head for a group photo.  From left to right, Matt Asay (Alfresco), Marc Fleury (JBoss founder), John Robb (Zimbra), Fabrizio Copobianco (Funambol), Larry Augustin (open source investor), Lon Johnston (PageOne), Ross Mason (Mulesource), myself and Bryce Roberts (O'Reilly Alpha Tech Venture).  Richard Daley (Pentaho) and Jeff Borek (IBM) had the good sense to not join us for pie and boxers.  Amazingly enough, no alcohol was involved.

The Open Source Goat Rodeo was an interesting "un-conference."  Perhaps a bit unstructured for my taste in that there's no formal agenda or presentations, just lots of good discussions, whether over lunch, beer, or on the ski slopes.   I hope we will make it an annual event but continue to keep it very small and informal.  Thanks to Matt for organizing the event and for bringing the pie.   

BTW, there is still time to register in advance for the MySQL conference and avoid the "on site" charge.  But some tutorials are now sold out.   But you can still vote for what you're most looking forward to at the conference. 



Hmmm, let's hope the offered versions are clean and new. Who knows where those heads have been today! :)

I'll swap you one for an Open Query shirt?

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