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Danger: St Patrick's Day Drunk Dial Competition


Ever thought about dialing someone when you're three-sheets-to-the-wind to let them know how you really feel?  Now instead of calling your ex, your boss or your soon to be ex-boss, all-star MySQL web developer Dups has created the St Patrick's Day Drunk Dial phone line.  Now your innermost drunken thoughts are safe and stored with millions of web listeners around the world.

I tested out the service after a few celebratory MySQL vodka shots and it works as advertised. I just hope I don't win.  Otherwise I'll have to call back and beg to be disqualified.  It's a great service to society, but I can't help but wonder: What about the other 51 weeks of the year?

Check it out.  I'm sure this is powered by open source.  But remember, not every web site is gonna win MySQL Application of the year at the MySQL Conference.  But who knows, this one might.  Particularly if you call today: +1-317-644-6963 (normal long distance charges to US may apply.)

MySQL & Sun Community Town Hall


We did a community townhall video session earlier this week with Jonathan Schwartz, Rich Green and myself.  You can view it online at and at YouTube.  This is a pretty high-level discussion, but we responded to some questions that came in from the live chat about platforms, languages, patents, how Sun makes money from MySQL etc.  I was also hoping to resolve once and for all what remains one of the hot developer issues: vi vs emacs.  And in keeping with the MySQL tradition, we had a vodka toast at the end.

There were also more technical IRC sessions led by Kaj Arno and Ian Murdock this week and we'll be kicking off a worldtour mashup visiting many cities around the world and toasting to the MySQL community and wrapping up at the MySQL Conference & Expo April 14-17 in Santa Clara. You can find out more info at

I'll be in Austin Sunday March 9 for an event that's sponsored by Sun at La Zona Rosa 9pm featuring live performances by The Smithereens and Seven Mary Three.  I hope to see many MySQL users there!