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MySQL World Tour


We had a little champaign toast in our exec staff meeting when the news came across that Sun's acquisition of MySQL was complete.  Congratulations to all the MySQL and Sun employees who went the extra mile to make this happen in record time.  I especially appreciate the efforts that Sun's legal staff has gone to in order to accomodate the open source philosophy of MySQL.  While there are still a few details to work out, I am very pleased with all of our integration work.  It will be an exciting time and there's great opportunity for MySQL to continue to grow inside of Sun.  We also had a toast to Marten Mickos our CEO who is unfailingly humble and deserves everyone's thanks for building MySQL into such a successful company. 

Note that Sun is very clear that we will continue to support all major platforms and languages, so if you're using MySQL on Linux, Windows, Solaris or with Java, PHP, Perl, VB, C, Java or Ruby on Rails or any of our existing platforms and languages, you're in good hands.  No only that, we get additional technical resources from Sun to help out in key areas.  As Jonathan Schwartz, top dog at Sun said in his letter to the MySQL community:

"For our worldwide developers, Sun working with the MySQL community will more quickly take the MySQL database to the next level of scalability and performance by tapping into Sun's $14 billion in expertise, technologies and global support. Bottom line, Sun is putting a billion dollars behind the "M" in LAMP, increasing our already-strong commitment to open source communities, to deliver a more powerful Web application development platform. And we assure you, MySQL will remain just as open, fast, free, easy-to-use and innovative as you've always seen. And much more.

"Additionally, this arrangement does not change Sun's long-standing relationship with Oracle and Sybase in the marketplace. Just as Sun supports customer choice of platform through AMD, Intel and SPARC, customers will have a choice of database systems for use with Sun's platform offerings."

After our meeting it was back to business, we've started planning an upcoming world tour where we'll also toast all our users and customers around the world.  We'll be visiting lots of cities in the US and hosting a worldwide mashup tour

There will also be more announcements at the MySQL Conference & Expo April 14-17 in Santa Clara.  (BTW, you can use the Sun discount code mys08sun to save 10% off the registration fee.  I recommend registering soon before the tutorials sell out.)

Olli Toivainen on Nokia N Series


On my InfoWorld blog I've posted an interview with Olli Toivainen, Nokia's director of product management.  He's one of the unsung heroes behind the N Series of Linux-based Internet Tablets.  Although I couldn't get him to make any new announcements of future products, he does give quite a bit of good info around the N810 Internet tablet, which I think is one of the coolest devices out there.

For those interested in music, I've also posted an interview with Joe Trohman from Fall Out Boy over at .  Oddly enough, he didn't have much to say about Internet tablets, open source or Linux.  But he sure had a lot to say about guitars!

Test Automation Bootcamp Feb 26-28


SuperDBA and SOA guru Robert Schneider over at PushToTest is putting on a 3-day test automation bootcamp in Silicon Valley Feb 26-28.  It's a hands-on session with laptop required.

The role of testing and testing tools has evolved in recent years from simple record / playback tools (e.g. GUI monkey tools) to more sophisticated approaches that leverage a web services model with dynamic data. New technologies like soapUI, Selenium, and PushToTest, have been designed for Web app, Web services and Ajax testing. Pulling these tools and platforms together into something that the average database developer or tester can use can requires quite a bit of effort and ramp time.  A bootcamp can be a great way to get a jumpstart on the process. 

MySQL Conference Early Reg Deadline


We're heading into February and that means there's only a few weeks left until the MySQL Conference & Expo early registration expires.  This year's conference promises to be our biggest and best ever.  I suspect that a lot of the hot tutorials on performance tuning and new features will sell out early.  There will be sessions on our various storage engines including InnoDB, Cluster, Falcon and Maria -- a new "MyISAM with Crash Recovery" engine that Monty and several other long-time MySQLers have been working on.  There will also be tons of BOF sessions going late into the evenings, and some great keynotes.  Heck, I think we can get Jonathan Schwartz up on stage this year!