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IOUG Open Source Survey


Recently MySQL sponsored an open source survey conducted by the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG).  The study's findings have now been published and are available from IOUG and also from the MySQL site.  Most of the open source users are attracted by the cost-savings of open source (67%), with the freedom from vendor lock-in also noted as the second most significant factor (28%).  52% of those surveyed plan to increase their use of open source in the next year.  Not surprisingly, many run MySQL side-by-side their Oracle database servers --a pattern we have noticed for quite some time.  The survey also highlights some of the concerns organizations have with open source, with Enterprise support (54%)and security (35%) being key factors.

Here are a couple of interesting charts from the survey.  Sorry for the small size --you can click on the chart to get it in a larger window.




More info available in the full report available below.


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