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Fake Larry Ellison on MySQL


The Fake Larry Ellison blog cracks me up.  It started off on the Fake Steve Jobs blog, but now it's spun out to get its own separate blog.  Fake Larry Ellison is paranoid about open source and hangs out with Steve Jobs and Paris Hilton. I don't know if this is Dan Lyons or someone else behind this one, but it's quite funny. Maybe he'll be at Burning Man this weekend... Or is that Fake Burning Man?

Upcoming MySQL Conferences in Europe, Japan

While MySQL has successfully had a worldwide conference in the US for several years, we've also expanded our efforts internationally.  This fall we're now doing 3 one day conferences in Europe with sessions in London, Munich and Paris in October.  And we also have our first ever MySQL Conference in Japan in September.  Last year we also introduced our first ever MySQL Camp event, and there's a follow up event later this week in New York at Polytechnic University.

Since these events often sell out, I recommend registering early.