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Here's a three interesting interviews with Marten Mickos, Brian Aker and Gary Whizin, all from MySQL.  Marten is the CEO, Brian is Director of Architecture and Gary is Director of our Enterprise tools team. 

It's an interesting juxtaposition to see the range of topics across all three.  Marten talks about the business model, Brian's focused on storage engines and Gary is all about building the right team.  But the common thread across all three is how important open source is to what we're doing at every level. Here's a quick test... see if you can match the quotes below with the right person.  No matter how varied the perspective, it all comes back to having a good grounding in open source.  That's a key element in our culture, whether in engineering, marketing, sales or management.  And as Gary points out, some of the most ardent believers in our open source model are on the business side.

A. "We don't waste time or energy worrying about guarding trade secrets. Customers are invited to every offsite meeting. Brutally honest, constructive criticism is encouraged and self-critique is common."

B."I am very passionate about open source. And I do believe that it is a superior method... But running a business is not about dogma. We are not judgmental about our customers or partners... We believe that in the long run, open source will win anyhow."

C. "There’s a myth sometimes in open source, that, as soon as you open source something, there’s a stampede of people lining up at the door to hand you patches. That’s just not the case. Even in the largest of large projects, that doesn’t actually happen that often."

Answers: A. Gary Whizin; B. Marten Mickos; C. Brian Aker

Update: Also, if you haven't been following Matt Asay's recent posts over at CNet, he has written some excellent profiles on open source CEOs and "unsung heroes" in the trenches.


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