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One of the things MySQL is best known for his helping organizations scale out their architecture.  At this point, probably everyone knows that the largest Web companies use MySQL including the likes of Google, Yahoo, Travelocity and literally hundreds of others.  Let's face it, if you're going to scale to huge traffic and transaction levels an open source architecture can be a heckuva lot more scalable,  It's also more cost effective than paying a "success penalty" (e.g. License fees)  every time you need to add more capacity.  Instead, just keep adding x86 servers running a LAMP stack to scale out rather than having to do a big forklift upgrade.  There are MySQL users that have literally thousands of servers working together.

For the next few days, we'll have a new feature on a scale of on our website. We call this the 12 days of scale out and will feature different customers and examples of what we mean by a scale out architecture to help give people ideas of how they can apply scale out in their own organization.  While I can't say that MySQL invented scale out, we have helped make it accessible for many organizations around the world.  Many customers start using replication in order to achieve a basic level of performance and fail over to provide high availability, and depending on their workload.  They may move up to a solution based on DRBD for four nines or MySQL cluster for five nines availability. 

Today's example is, which is one of the largest and most successful online hotel reservation systems in the world and part of the organization.  Financially, they've been kicking butt, in part due to their great performance and low-cost architecture.  We had a developer meeting in Amsterdam a couple of months back, and and had a visit from Bert, one of their key development managers, which was fascinating.  (That's actually something quite cool about MySQL -- -- you can travel anywhere in the world and meet happy users.)

Bert_from_booking_dot_com1 serves over a million visitors and processes tens of thousands of reservations per day.  And of course the challenges it's always growing.  It's a dynamic system in a competitive market, and they can never just stand still.  That's the beauty of open source; it's an architecture that won't get in their way and let some continue to do business and grow rapidly.  They also use the MySQL Enterprise Monitoring & Advisory Service to help them monitor performance and ensure they are using best practices to scale out.

Take a look at the scale out story and check back on our website to learn more about other companies over the next 12 days.  And there will also be a Web seminar later this month.  Maybe you have your own scale out story that you'd like to share...


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