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One of the challenges we sometimes have at MySQL is that our audience is very broad.  We get hundreds of thousands of page views every day and the interests span a wide range.  That's one of the reasons we created the Developer Zone http://www.dev.mysql.com so that it would be easy for developers to find downloads, documentation and technical articles.  In effect, people who are alergic to buzzwords like ROI, TCO and CIO could bypass the home page and just stick to the technical content on the dev zone. 

Earlier this week, we launched a PR campaign called the 12 Days of Scale Out on our web site in order to highlight some examples of customers who have built very large applications or web sites using MySQL, such as Booking.com, Alcatel, Wikipedia, Zimbra, etc.  The content was targeted towards business readers, CIOs, and IT managers who might not be aware of where MySQL is being used, rather than for developers.  And quite rightly some folks have pointed out that there's not much technical meat in these short write ups and offered some suggestions on how we can improve.  It's always good to get feedback from our users, and we should have clarified who the content is for. Zak Greant also pointed out that we should consider having a separate area for non-developers.  That's a good observation also.  We recently launched (without much fanfare) a new section on the web site called the CIO Corner.  It's still very early on and there are just a couple of items up there, but in the coming weeks and months, we'll try to add some more content for CIOs, while also continuing to have good technical articles on the developer zone. (In fact, I'm thrilled that Kaj Arno and the community team are going to focus on adding more articles and interviews to the dev zone.)  I've also encouraged a few of our more technical bloggers to add some meat on the topic of scale-out; so hopefully you'll see more details behind the scale-out examples in the coming days. 

Most importantly, we won't be watering down the technical content on the developer zone.  I hope that we'll be able to add in-depth content both for developers and for IT managers. 


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