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Great Pockets?


Nokia has been making great strides in developing a family of small, pocket sized multimedia devices.  There's the Nokia N800 wi-fi enabled Internet Tablet as well as the recent N95 multimedia phone (though not yet available in the US.)  I wouldn't quite call them computers yet --at least until they add a proper keyboard, but they are interesting multi-function devices.

Nokia recently launched the quite humorous www.greatpockets.com web site, which features a mythical Saville Row tailor Henry Needle & Sons who designs men's and women's clothing with, ah, great big pockets in which they can load all their bulky electronic equipment.  The web site has several funny flash videos and a faux expose. Last week I was travelling in Europe with laptop, phone, ipod, camera, travel guitar, headphone amplifier, three headsets and two chargers, it seemed like it might be a pretty good idea.


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