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On Tuesday we kicked off the main conference session with keynotes by Marten Mickos, Guy Kawasaki (famous blogger who talked about the art of innovation) and Mike Evans (from Red Hat who talked about the One Laptop Per Child project).  Photos (including the one above) have been posted by James Duncan Davidson and are available on Flickr

Marten's keynote focused on the architecture of participation as well as some of the technology innovation in our community and at MySQL and updates on our business.  Marten also gave awards to our application, partner and community contributors of the year.  The application winners were: YouTube, Adobe and Amp'd mobile.  The partners of the year were: Red Hat, HP and Carahsoft, our government reseller.  And the community members of the year were Sheeri Kritzer (super blogger!), Paul McCullough (PBXT storage egnine author) and Martin Friebe (quality contributor).  It's great to see so much innovation and enthusiasm in our community and there are lots of new ideas on how we can be even more open and participative going forward.  Check out the links below for more information on the keynotes. (Note the video on Guy Kawasaki is from a different conference ;-)  Thanks to the bloggers doing live reporting!  You guys rock.


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