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The Good Manager


When I was in the UK last week, I read an article in the Sunday Times called The Good Manager.  The article was a summary of management principles written 60 some years ago by WJ King in a book called "The Unwritten Laws of Business."  The ideas are basic, but powerful.  While it's unlikely that even the most gifted managers follow all the rules all of the time, they are good inspiration.  Managing is not rocket science and just doing a good job on the basics can have a lot of impact. Rather than attempt to summarize the ideas, I encourage you to read the article in the Times. 


I picked up a copy of a few weeks ago. It does contain very good information and insight. This book is actually the legit updated version of King's book.

Everyone probably remembers the flap a year ago, when Business 2.0 tauted Swanson's Unwritten rules of Management including accolades from Warren Buffet and Jack Welch. It later turned out that Swanson got busted for "borrowing" many of these rules from King without proper credit. Subsequently Swanson's free book available through the Raytheon website got pulled.

No wonder it sounded familiar!

Principles of good management have changed little through the years. Not everyone can become a good manager. It takes years of skill development.

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