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MySQL GUI Tools Release 10


The MySQL GUI Tools team has recently shipped release 10 of their full set of tools.  This is a bundle that includes the GA versions of

  • MySQL Administrator 1.2.10
  • MySQL Query Browser 1.2.10
  • MySQL Migration Toolkit 1.1.10

The GUI team has spent the last few months fixing all of the bugs that they could find in these products (and not adding new features!)  So if you've tried out some of the tools previously and had compatability issues, this is a good time to take them out for another test run.  These tools are available in a single download version and provide easy ability to graphically configure, manage and work with MySQL servers from Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

One really cool thing is that these tools already work with the Alpha release of our newest storage engine Falcon. At the MySQL Conference in April, there will be some previews of new developments by our GUI tools team. 


Where can we download the MySQL Workbench? It used to be bundled in with the GUI tools, and I can't seem to find it as a standalone....

Let me go check on that. I know there is some major surgery going on with Workbench.


Please let me refer you to this post on the Workbench forums:


I have created a separate Windows Installer for the Workbench and we will do the same for Linux and OS X. This Installer can be installed in addition to the GUI Bundle setup.


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