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MySQL Conference Tutorials Selling Out


The good news is that MySQL Conference & Expo (April 23-26, Santa Clara, Calif) is selling even faster this year than in past years, due to an even stronger program and great marketing work from O'Reilly and our Community team.  But the bad news is that it's likely some tutorials are approaching capacity and may sell out shortly.  Performance tuning is always a hot topic, as is using MySQL Cluster, and some of the new capabilities like partitioning, row-based replication and the new Falcon storage engine.  In past year's we've had companies send entire teams to the conference in order to solve their most difficult problems.  It's a smart move.  There's more MySQL brainpower per square mile in Santa Clara for one week than you could ever hope to get through any other means.  We always tell people to bring their laptops, their toughest problems and walk out with solutions. 

Note that early registration ends today March 14, so this is a good opportunity to register now, get the tutorials you want and save $200.


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