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CodeGear, the developer tools subsidiary of Borland, is now sharpening their focus around supporting the open source LAMP stack (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP) with their latest offering, Delphi for PHP.  Ok, full disclosure: I have a soft spot for Delphi.  I've rarely had more fun in my career than working with the original Delphi team back in the 1990s.  It was a lot of hard slogging, but we built something that was pretty amazing.  Who knew it would still be going strong twelve years later?

So I was excited to catch up with long-time Borlander Michael Swindell their head of products who told me about their plans to bring PHP to the Delphi installed base.  Delphi programmers have been quite fanatically devoted to the VCL framework which provides all of the visual goodness and drag & drop capabilities for building windows apps with ease.  Although Delphi for PHP is a different product (and obviously uses the PHP language) it is based around an equally powerful IDE and an open source PHP implementation of the VCL framework. That makes it easy to develop database applications that use MySQL, InterBase, Oracle, et al.  So a Delphi programmer who wants to dip his or her toes into the PHP waters can do so without having to re-learn everything.  And for PHP developers, Delphi brings the Rapid Application Development productivity gains that have been in short supply for web developers. 

I've always been an IDE guy myself, but I recognize they're not for everyone.  (Hint: if your idea of visual development is vi or emacs, then this probably isn't for you.)  But if you crave the productivity that Windows developers have had with Delphi, VB or Visual Studio, check it out.  Delphi for PHP is expected to be commercially available later in March, before the next Rush album.

Long live Delphi! And Borland! (I mean CodeGear!)



I look forward to meeting you. A few of my friends work with you guys and I have been impressed by what you guys have accomplished over there.

Thanks for the feedback on our foray into the PHP world and noting the important move related to the open source VCL. While we are pushing in a number of areas related to open source, like our new Jbuilder product on Eclipse that leverages things like Maven---we are particularly excited about Delphi for PHP

Hey Zack, long time I haven't seen you... Interesting how CodeGear venture into PHP is making them new friends... and new old friends!

Great to see you talking about Delphi again! :) Delphi for PHP and MySQL will certainly be a nice combination.

Hey Zack!

It is great to have you out there pitching a "Delphi" product again :-). Those were some crazy times back in the day. I hear from Gary from time to time, and it'd be great to hear from you as well (hint, hint ;-).

So in keeping with mutual reciprocity, we'll be releasing Delphi 2007 very soon that will have support for MySQL 5.x.


Nice to hear from some so many longtime Borlanders and fans. We have lots of Delphi interest at MySQL, so please keep me posted. I hope to see some of you at our users conference April 23-26 in Santa Clara.


There is a new forums website dedicated to Delphi for PHP: forums.delphi-php.net. Check it out. Its full of useful hints and tips on using Delphi for PHP.

I have been using this since the day it was made available. I find that it is very rough around the edges, but, lots of potential.

As I encounter issues, or cool findings, I post them on my blog (http://blog.onenerd.net/) if anyone is interested.

how can i install delphi for php, if there is no internet connection.

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