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Today, March 22nd, is Bum Rush The Charts Day.  This is a day during which thousands of independent podcasters and bloggers will attempt to show the strength they have compared to traditional corporate media. How?  By making an indepedent single the #1 item on iTunes.  You can support this effort by buying the song "Mine Again" by Black Lab, a band that was dropped from two labels and had to fight back to get the rights to its own music.  Every commission made on the sale of the song is being donated to support college scholarships and 50% of the royalties the band earns will also be donated.  If you believe in podcasting and independent media, make it known.  Buy the song and podcast or blog about it.

Also, March 25 is International Waffle day (VĂ„ffeldagen) in Sweden.


i wont buy from itunes until it drops DRM. they shoudl have gone emusic or totally independent.

Yes, it's kind of odd to promote it on iTunes, with all the DRM. Heck, maybe you can buy it on eMusic; it's an indie band after all.

Check it out:

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