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There's an interesting article called "Open Source 2007" that appears in Educause Review magazine.  The irony is that the article was published in 2004 and was somewhat avant garde at the time.  While it's hard to make predictions (especially about the future!), it's clear that most of the ideas on open source have come to be accepted.  Brad Wheeler, CIO of Indiana University and an open source advocate with the research and statistics to back up his views, makes a compelling case for why open source will has already become mainstream. Adoption of open source software --both infrastructure and applications-- has accelerated faster than many have predicted, though perhaps it has become more accepted in commercial markets and among high-tech companies than in academia. 

Brad Wheeler also chairs the Open Source Portfolio. I wonder if he's related to David Wheeler who has also published a lot of good quantitative data on open source?


New For Improve Open Source Technology.

I worked in the same circles as Brad when I was in academia and involved with the Sakai project. Brad's passion for open source is contagious, I remember a keynote he gave about communities that really changed our thinking about how and why we were using open source at Tufts.

No idea about the relationship with David.

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