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Back at our users conference in April we announced our pluggable storage engine program encouraging developers to extend MySQL with new innovative engines.  Not only have we expanded our internal development with engines like Falcon, Cluster and others, but we're seeing significant new developments from the MySQL ecosystem.  The pluggable storage engine architecture enables us to work with partners and with the community to reach a much broader range of needs with MySQL than we could on our own. 

There are two new storage engines coming out of stealth mode.  Both help strengthen MySQL in the rapidly growing Data Warehousing market, coming at it from different directions and solving very different problems.  NitroEDB comes from NitroSecurity and provides a high performance embedded database for dealing with very large data sets 50x or even 100x faster than traditional closed source solutions.  NitroSecurity has years of experience in high-volume VLDB systems coming from their work in realtime security management solutions and intrusion prevention systems.  Now they've taken that unique technology and are combining it with MySQL to provide high-performance solutions for data warehousing and other markets.

InfoBright has announced their BrightHouse storage engine for MySQL which solves a different type of problem in data warehousing, namely, how do you cost-effectively archive huge multi-terabyte data warehouses.  Brighthouse is able to compress databases by a factor of 10x (and sometimes up to 30x) thereby reducing storage costs up to 90%.  InfoBright also offers a range of tools to help manage the archiving process, making it easy for DBAs to take advtange of the benefits of archive compression.

I'm personally very excited to see these two new engines.  It shows that the storage engine architecture can accomodate a broad range of needs, some that go way beyond what we've focused on internally at MySQL.  Judging by all the activity, I think there will be a lot of exciting new storage engine technology at the MySQL Conference in April.


If data warehouses were simply filesystems, this would be interesting and similar to "XFS added a new compression capability today".

MySQL is a simple database for simple purposes. I think they should stick to the market they understand. This announcement pushes technology that is innapropriate for data warehousing and the experts know it, but people new to the market are likely to make serious missteps by trying to apply it.

Mr Snarky, I think you missed the point. These are engines created by gurus in data warehousing that broaden the reach of MySQL. Ain't nothin' inappropriate here at all.


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