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MySQL Cracks the Alexa 500


Traffic at www.mysql.com has continued to increase and over the last few months, we've broken into the top 500 websites according to Alexa.  While the Alexa rankings are not perfect, they do enable relative comparisons between sites and over time.  For example, MySQL's traffic surpassed Oracle's back in April of this year.  MySQL is ranked at the 493rd most popular web site over the last three months, whereas Oracle comes in at 1,563.  For comparison, Apache.org is 553, Mozilla.org is at number 555, Red Hat comes in at 2,164, Eclipse.org is 3,338, Novell is 3,653 and Sybase is 16,188.  IBM is at 270, PHP.net is at 165, SourceForge.net is number 84 and Microsoft is number 17.  So while we've cracked into the big leagues, we still have a way to go!

Interestingly enough, there are tons of MySQL powered websites among the top 500 including Yahoo, Google, YouTube, WikiPedia, Amazon, Craigslist, AOL, Flickr, Mixi.jp, Friendster, The Facebook, LiveJournal, Digg, CNet, Weather.com, TypePad, Neopets, WebShots, Slashdot, GoDaddy, NetFlix, iStockPhoto, Travelocity, Lycos, PriceGrabber, FeedBurner, CitySearch, Evite and more.  Ok, probably a lot of the international and, ah, weirdly named sites (nastydollars.com?) are powered by MySQL also, but I left them off my list.


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