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Valley Boys Run MySQL


BusinessWeek August 16 issue cover feature is called "Valley Boys" describing the new breed of Web entrepreneurs.  The story features Kevin Rose's www.digg.com as well as other Web 2.0 startups such as FaceBook, HotOrNot, YouTube, SixApart, Del.icio.us (whose name they mis-spell repeatedly), all of whom are running MySQL to scale their business without scaling their costs. 

The story describes how the dynamics have changed with regards to venture capital funding of startups in the last few years.  It used to be that to start a Web company required millions of dollars in expensive Sun servers and Oracle licenses.  Nowadays, the costs are dramatically lower; you just pick up some commodity Intel or Opteron boxes and download the LAMP stack and open source development tools.  Not surprisingly, most of the startups profiled have taken very little venture capital and own a larger share of the equity as a result.  How cool is that?


Wow, I totally misinterpreted the title as "Maarten and Monty are Valley Boys"...

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