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Ten Questions with Marten Mickos


Uber-blogger Guy Kawasaki has continued his tradition of asking good questions of technical and business leaders in "Ten Questions with Marten Mickos".  Guy is one of the best speakers and authors in Silicon Valley.  His book "The Art of the Start" is a great resource for anyone thinking of starting a company.

He understands how to get things done and knows that inside the sausage factory sometimes things don't always look so good.  But he's not an armchair quarterback: Guy was chief evangelist at Apple (twice) and is CEO of Garage Technology Ventures which invests in early stage companies such as iStockPhoto, Kaboodle, SimplyHired and TripWire. Coincidentally, a lot of these early stage companies leverage open source technology. 

The best part of Guy's writing is there's no bull shitake.  I've also put links to a couple of other good postings from Guy's blog.


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