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There's a new blog in town by MySQL consulting guru Nitin Borwankar.  Nitin's working on a few super secret startups and invariably they are using a lot of open source technology to create sophisticated tagging systems that create "folksonomies" or tagging systems that are developed in a collaborative fashion.  Sounds easy, but how do you map that in and out of standard MySQL?  Ahh... that's the question.  And Nitin has some practical answers borrowing from data warehousing techniques that help illuminate the way.  You may not always agree with how Nitin's does it, but its thought provoking stuff.  Especially if you're trying to scale out massive Web 2.0 applications.  This is leading edge stuff.


Zack, I agree he's got some great stuff. I only hope Nitin posts some more articles... his last one was from October last year... perhaps there is a new blog?


Hi Jay,

Yes its been a while, no there's no other blog. I have been doing some implementations - putting some of these ideas into practice and creating others.

Thanks to the impetus from this post and comments you'll probably see another spurt of activity on that blog, real soon now.

In any case I'll have stuff for MySQL camp.

Hi Jay, Zach,

There's a new post on the Tagschema blog that you might find interesting.
Thanks for the impetus.


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