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Perhaps Linux has become so mainstream that a conference dedicated to it has become as superfluous as a conference on servers.  I was disappointed with LinuxWorld Boston earlier this year; no big announcements and traffic overall was light.  However, the program itself was quite strong with good keynotes and panel sessions.  Still, it had all the flavor of a regional conference.  Worth going to if you weren't going to make the trip to San Francisco. 

This week's LinuxWorld San Francisco, while certainly larger than the Boston event, seemed less interesting.  Aside from Lawrence Lessig, no really exciting keynotes or panels.  Novell had a big presence at the show, as did HP, but even Red Hat has pulled out of this event.  Perhaps LinuxWorld is played out. Or maybe I'm just sick of trade shows. We shall see. 

Arguably, the highlight of the show was my discovery of "Beard Papa's" cream puffs, one block from Moscone.  Who knew?


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