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A Billion Page Views Per Day

While Web 2.0 is probably at least as hard to define as pornography (e.g. I know it when I see it) there's no doubt that it's growing rapidly.  By our estimates, more than 90% of all Web 2.0 sites are powered by MySQL including the likes of media darlings like YouTube, FaceBook, Digg, Wikipedia, Cyworld, Flickr and most of the social networking sites.  In fact, if you add in all of the sites using MySQL it's probably over a billion page views per day and doubling every six months. 

And if you don't like Tim O'Reilly's definition of Web 2.0, then you can always go with the more cynical view: anything that has rounded corners.


Every single one of our website pages involves at least one connection to the database.

Since 4 am (EDT), one of our webservers has had close to 35,000 page views (34,733). We have 15 webservers; in 6 hours our website has contributed to over 1/2 a million of those page views.

A billion is an extremely conservative estimate. In 24 hours yesterday, our webservers logged 3.896 *million* page views.

I've been running some metrics on our servers, and our database system (involving 9 different servers, that serve up all the content for our subsystems):

total queries
(over) 749 million per day, Feb 2006
(over) 895 million per day, Jul 2006

selects (about 1/2 of all queries)
(over) 291 million per day, Feb 2006
(over) 413 million per day, Jul 2006

over 132 million per day, Feb 2006
over 143 million per day, Jul 2006

(our metrics account for 0.1% (that's a multplier .001) of our statistics. However, it's kind of irrelevant, as the server still has to handle the load of gathering resources).

July accomodated 126% of the unique users logging in that February had, while performing 119% of the queries, 141% of the selects and 108% of the connections February had.

We've optimized our code (fewer connections and DML queries) as well as added more features (more selects; though the absolute #'s show more, we trimmed down needless selects as well, but the features added more) since February.

You probably meant over a billion web sites viewed per day use MySQL, not a billion page views. However, I wanted to make sure folks understand the distinction.

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