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For Wikipedia junkies out there, there's a very cool Palm Treo interface to Wikipedia available called Quickipedia from Standalone Software.  This is a perfect tool for when you're stuck somewhere without access to a good browser and you need find some information.  While Google on a PDA is ok for random searches, Quickipedia blows it away for most reference information.  Say you're on your way to a meeting and someone asks you about The Mythical Man-Month which you haven't read in 20 years, and you don't want to be completely clueless.  A few clicks, boom boom and you've got a summary from Wikipedia.  Or if you're in a meeting and you're suddenly wondering who carved Mount Rushmore and why, you'll find more than you ever wanted to know about the subject. 

You can get all of this and other useful (!) information quickly from your Palm Treo.  Ok, it's not free ($15) and sometimes the searching is a bit flakey, but its worth it just to settle bar bets.


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