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I've been listening to a number of podcasts when I'm in my car. One of my favorites, This Week in Tech (or "TWiT" as its known) hosted by Leo Laporte and featuring a case of regulars including Kevin Rose from Digg, John Dvorak, Patrick Norton and others.  Leo is clearly a fan of technology and his enthusiasm and self-deprecating humor while reviewing the week's tech stories makes for a good listen.

Recently, TWiT has spun off a new show called FLOSS Weekly (get it?) featuring Chris DiBona (pictured above), open source guru over at Google.  Although the first few episodes were a bit slow, it's now starting to find its voice.  Leo Laporte co-hosts many of the shows helping to provide a better balance and preventing the show from just being too mcuh of an "insider" perspective.  Check the links below for a couple of the good shows of both TWiT and Floss Weekly.  You can subscribe from iTunes, Yahoo, Odeo or your favorite podcast aggregator. 


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