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Digg Runs MySQL


Digg, for those who have been under a rock for the last year, is a technology web site that gives users the opportunity to rank news stories.  Think of it as a combination of social bookmarking and nerdly news.  Digg grew out of founder Kevin Rose's desire for a feature within Slashdot to let users vote on their favorite stories.  Unfortunately, Slashdot couldn't accomodate the feature.  Necessity (or perhaps envy) being the mother invention, Rose created Digg.com.  Digg raised $2.8 million in venture funding from Marc Andreessen, Pierre Omidyar and Greylock partners last year. 

Digg has continued it's rapid growth with nearly a four-fold increase in traffic in just over a year. It's daily page views have jumped from 80 million to 320 million since January 2005.  Interestingly enough, now that Digg is growing so quickly, the old guard is starting to take aim.  This past week AOL announced they are planning to relaunch Netscape as a "Digg killer."  Now that's ironic.

Digg is built on a classic LAMP stack and uses MySQL as its underlying database.  Rose selected MySQL because it was open source.  MySQL has continued to meet his needs for dealing with the ever increasing web traffic.  Rose is also planning on expanding the focus of Digg to other topics beyond technology.  That could make for even more rapid growth.  Go get 'em Kevin!


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