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Team Building - Finnish Style


Ok, in addition to programming, ice hocky and singing drinking songs, Finland is also quite famous for it's saunas.  I am told there are more than 1.5 million saunas in Finland, which is pretty remarkable for a population of around 5 million.  The sauna culture has existed here for thousands of years.  But leave it to the Finns to come up with something even more extreme: the negative sauna.  Whereas a normal Finnish sauna is hot (like 80C hot) a negative sauna is cold.  How cold?  -110 C cold (which converts to the even more impressive sounding -166 F).

So on the weekend, a few of us MySQLers working at Monty's went to experience a negative sauna.  You start in the room at -30C, then you go into the next room which is -60C and finally you enter the most extreme condition of -110C.  You stay in there for three minutes and in our case we stamping our feet and singing "Helan går" the famous drinking song.  (Or at least it's famous at MySQL.)  It was quite impressively cold and actually very foggy from the humidity in the air.  In fact, you could see snow appearing just from the humidity in our breath.  After three minutes, we went back into the second room, which now felt quite warm since it was only -60C. 


Ther real, hot sauna has a lot of known health benefits - not sure what the point is in the negative sauna ... (?)

Souns like fun. I'd like to see someone start in the hot, get nice and dripping sweaty, and *then* freeze it going through the negative sauna.

What are the papers you are holding? Insurace waivers?

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