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Thank you, Ken Jacobs


After several months of back and forth negotiation, MySQL and Oracle have agreed to a multi-year extension to the existing contract enabling MySQL to continue to sell and support the InnoDB storage engine.  The terms of the agreement are very much "business as usual" for both companies.

This is good news for MySQL customers and for the open source community, and it reinforces the message that Oracle President Charles Phillips stated to us when they acquired InnoDB that they intended to renew the agreement.  And since InnoDB is GPL, freedom for users is guaranteed, no matter who owns the source code. 

The key guy to help drive this agreement from Oracle's side was Ken Jacobs.  Through a long series of meetings, some more challenging than others, Ken kept a cool head and continued to keep us all progressing towards the goal of renewing the contract.  Ken, your efforts are very much appreciated.  You are a real mensch.


Congrats for securing InnoDB!

What's multi-year mean? 2? 5?

Anway, great work. At the very least, this buys some time.

kind regards,


Will ibbackup be set free?

Jeremy, good question, but it's a question for Oracle. Perhaps you can suggest it at the MySQL Users Conference. See you there!

You will become a great philanthropist in your later years.

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