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Codename Falcon


At our user's conference this week, Jim Starkey will be discussing his latest database engine, codenamed Falcon.  Falcon brings to MySQL Jim's 30 years of data management experience to create an engine that is optimized for modern scale-out applications with lots of memory. 

Falcon is ACID compliant with a multi-generational architecture that guarantees server-enforced referential integrity.  It's based on MVCC (which Jim essentially invented) so it keeps lock contention near zero, ensuring very high performance.  Falcon uses advanced B-Tree indexing and includes crash recovery.  Jim's approach has also been to make sure the engine is easy to use and automatically manages storage allocation so there's no need to manually reorganize things.

We'll be presenting Falcon in the context of the overall server roadmap Tuesday late afternoon at the MySQL Users Conference and then Jim's session is Thursday afternoon.


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