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Oracle FAQ Runs MySQL


Ok, I just had to laugh.  The Oracle FAQ site OraFAQ runs on... MySQL!   I guess it just goes to show how cost-effective open source is.  Here's some quotes from a thread on their discussion forum:

"Interesting - we don't run an Oracle database. But I suppose we ARE a free site so are probably a bit short of cash.

David "


"What cash? Every penny we make goes back into running and developing this site. There is no way we would be able to raise the money required to buy a commercial Oracle license.

Best regards.


To be honest, it's not a surprise.  There are tens of thousands of web sites that run MySQL ranging from the mega sites like Yahoo, Google, Craigslist, Travelocity, to many ecommerce sites, blogs, forums, and discussion sites.  After all, the price is right and there's no hidden "bait and switch" pricing when you hit a couple of gigs of memory.  So guys, keep on using MySQL!


So, what does it proof: that you should be happy with second best if you don't have money? Remember, beggars can't be choosers.

Think of it this way, you might get away running a low-budget website on MySQL, but will you use it to store your financial data? I think not...

If you want a balanced opinion, why don't you ask the guys at OraFAQ.com? They obviously know both databases fairly well. And I bet that if they had a choice, they would prefer running on Oracle.

Frank, thanks for your comments. I just think it's ironic. It's like Microsoft's Hotmail running on Linux.


Ironic indeed. The only difference is that the Oracle FAQ is not an Oracle owned site, but is independently operated by the user community.

My quoted post contained database error messages. A minor failure on a free web site is acceptable. It is not acceptable for a production system supporting 3,000 plus users.

"Horses for courses." Please.

Remember, Oracle owns both InnoDB and Berkeley DB - and is a strong player in the MySQL space.

More info at (you guess where): http://www.orafaq.com/wiki/MySQL

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