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MySQL.com Web Traffic


The www.MySQL.com web site has always had a lot of traffic, but as MySQL has become more popular we've seen a steady increase in the last year.  In particular, our number of page views and downloads has increased dramatically since the release of MySQL 5.0.  We get over a million page views per day and generally over 50,000 downloads per day.  A lot of the traffic goes to our developer zone http://dev.mysql.com where we have lots of technical articles, interviews, documentation, forums and of course, software downloads.   Our reach and page views per user have steadily increased as we've put more information available to developers and DBAs.  We recognize that for our audience, having technical information (and not a lot of marketing fluff) is what they want most. 

It was kind of interesting to us that last year we actually surpassed Oracle's web site in terms of traffic, as measured by Alexa.  However, not to pick on Oracle, in the tech sector we also generate more traffic than Red Hat, Novell, SAP, Apache, JBoss, Eclipse, BEA, Borland, Gartner, eWeek and InfoWorld.  Beyond tech, we actually have more traffic than some popular "mainstream" brands including the Nike, United Airlines, AT&T, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Porsche, Shell, GE, Princeton University, Fender Guitars, Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Hooters. 

Ok, I admit, this was not a scientific analysis (especially the comparison with Hooters), and we have less traffic than some household names like Apple, IBM, Microsoft and Intel.  Nonetheless, MySQL's web traffic is larger than many of the top best-selling brands as reported by InterBrand.  For an open source database company, that's pretty good!  In marketing-speak, you could say that MySQL has a lot of "brand equity", but to me the real importance is we have a lot of happy users that make up our community.  And that's what drives us every day. 

The other important point is that many of the users of MySQL are themselves some of the highest trafficked sites in the world.  This includes sites like Yahoo!, Google, NeoPets, WikiPedia, Craigslist, Evite, Citysearch, Friendster, the Facebook, Feedburner and thousands of others.  We're very proud to be powering businesses big and small with MySQL.


I personally find Alexa/Netcraft stats to be a bit wonky (for lack of a better word). It tracks the use of users who use the tool bar, and I think that's not a really good rep of the tech community. Moreover, when you're talking about 100 pageviews out of every million, the stderror and "gaming" is just too high to believe. But it is still very cool. :)

That being said, I would argue you should be really proud about having 960 open jobs on dice.com looking for MySQL talent. That's really impressive. "Oracle Database" has 1454.

- Don

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