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MySQL over 70 million downloads


The Wall Street Journal today, in an article on Sun's recent announcement, reported that MySQL has achieved an estimated 70 million downloads so far.  That's a pretty impressive result and puts MySQL up there with the top products out there, open source or not.  And the momentum is growing with MySQL 5.0.  In the first three weeks we had more than a million downloads.  Thank you to all the MySQL users and supporters out there for making MySQL so popular.  And congratulations to a great worldwide development team!

The news from Sun is that they are continuing in their adoption of open source by offering their Java Enterprise System (JES) under an open source license.  Sun president Jonathan Schwartz said customers are demanding open-source version of products and that companies that don't comply are in trouble. "You are either driving the steamroller or sitting on the asphalt," he said. 


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