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A Growing Headache for the Database Giants


Steve Hamm over at BusinessWeek has an interesting take on the launch of MySQL 5.0 and the impact that open source is causing to the large closed source database companies.  He cites Evans Data recent survey results that show open source database deployments up by 20% in the last six months and use of MySQL up by 25% during this time.  Given the size of the MySQL installed base (over 6 million active installations) this is very significant growth.  Forty-four percent of corporate developers surveyed indicate that they use MySQL.  That's something we're very proud of at MySQL, and Hamm also makes the point that it's a trend that could have serious implications for old school database vendors who make a lot of their revenue on licenses and maintenance fees.

Also, a good interview w/ Marten Mickos at Sys-Con on MySQL 5.0, the power of Community, competition in the database market and why we supported the SCO platfform. 


Thanks for the pointer, Zack! I keep trying to convince professionals around me that they really should care about MySQL. I happen to be an enthusiastic, but I'm keep telling them that that's not why they should care. They should care because MySQL is fast underway to be a competitor for those giants, as Steve's article points out. So, here's some more ammunition for me.

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