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June 03, 2016


Excellent post Zack! You might add MuleSoft and MongoDB to the list of promising Commercial Open Source Companies.

You write as though the raison d'etre for open source is simply a different business model for making obscene amounts of money. You may have sold MySQL for a billion bux, but that caused Apple to switch to Postgress and spurred Monty on to form MariaDB.

These guys aren't doing open source as alternative way to reap vast rewards without playing the conventional venture cap game; they do it because it's the right thing to do! They do it out of a frustration with the limitations of capitalism. They do it because they can make a decent living while freeing small businesses from the obscene charges that go to support obscene profits for the owners of the big commercial database vendors.

Didn't you get the memo? Greed is crushing the planet. Don't be a part of that. Just Say No.

Jan, I'm simply commenting on the impact of open source on the economics of the software market. I think a lot of good things come out of it beyond the money. Many of the founders of open source have indeed reaped tremendous economic rewards. But if you think prima facie open source is "the right thing to do" you may be blind to it's strengths and weaknesses.
thanks for the comment

You might want to add Elastic Search to the list of OS companies.

Other than that I can sympathise with Jan's comment. There are (in my opinion) two driving forces in OS: Firstly, the desire by technically gifted people to solve a specific problem that a team/developer currently has. Secondly, general frustration with the capitalist system and the perceived quality (or lack of) of much of the software that large corporations charge for.

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