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July 18, 2011


Very cool post, Zack! Happy for you.


Great post. Would you share 1/2 lessons you can re-apply from one business to the other?

"Although I have a lot of respect for Oracle, it seemed to me the only interesting jobs would be those that report directly to Larry Ellison."

Since you were publicly much in favor of the Oracle/Sun acquisition when it happened, but then quit on day one after closing, should I interpret the above you were expecting to get such a job and was disappointed when you didn't?

Henrik, no not at all. I was in support of the acquisition because I respect Oracle's ability to build a strong business where Sun was unable to do that. But I think working at Oracle is a bit like working at IBM in the 1980s. So I did not seek a role at Oracle and I was very happy to take some time off.

Nice! We love your product!

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