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August 09, 2010


The good news is that there should be some good talks. The bad news is that some of my favorite speakers (Percona) won't be there.

Am I the only one who thinks the UI for http://www.eventreg.com/cc250/main.jsp?CQ=1 is awful?

@mark Yes, the interface for Oracle is god awful. You should try registering as a speaker.

Giuseppe has an ideal view at http://blogs.sun.com/MySQL/entry/mysql_sunday_tracks_at_oracle

Generally the Sunday community events at OOW are also a full day, however this year due to a some holiday they are only 1/2 day.

"Registration is only $75 which is a bargoon."

That sounds like pirate money.

@ronald - ask Giuseppe about my speaker registration experience. Alas, he was very polite about it.

I don't work on UI/frontend stuff, so I can't say what is wrong with the UI? Is it bad javascript?

Enough ranting from me. There are many good talks. Maybe I will skip my talk to attend the talk on MySQL Cluster. I look forward to MySQL Sunday.

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