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May 29, 2009


Excellent book, and excellent book review, Zack. I've run five marathons, and the book (which I read earlier this month, running into it in Hong Kong) will likely *increase* that count. It absolutely got me thinking!

Well, although I am sure it's a great book, I'm not surprised the review didn't make it to InfoWorld. I do a fair amount of blogging and writing, but the stuff that get's aggregated on Planet MySQL, that one I try to keep focused on databases, or at least Open Source.

I have written stuff on cars, about Politics (my blogg "Karlssons regering" (Karlssons Governtment)) covers that, on cameras and on music (I've been requested to write on Swedish Blues for a Polish Blues project). But I try to not mix these. Sometimes, I have written about my Blues website on my blogg, but then it has been related to databases or at least some Open Source project (like Joomla).

I don't think my longwinded store on the development of the Mini (which was published in a car magazine in Sweden) would be well received if I had aggregated that on Planet MySQL :-)


I don't think it needs to be that strict necessarily, I think it's good to see a bit more of the person beyond say the day job.

It's increasingly recognised that companies are made of humans, and I think that the more that is reflected in the outward activity, the better the companies will be. Who cares about faceless corporates ;-)

So, Zack, do continue write about running, post the occasional Youtube video with guitar play. That's you.

Agree with Arjen - though I tend to be more interested in the development of your hair than the running :-) But, I have to agree with Infoworld on this not being Open Source. (Which is a different thing - it could be about Open Source and still completely unrelated to MySQL in a technical sense.)

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