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July 14, 2008



I'm Alex, software developer from Ukraine. Does somebody know how can I contact Andrii? Or maybe you can my contact: alex.netkachov ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com

Thank you,


You should consider flying to India for the transplant. It costs about 10-20% of the same in US/Europe. Excellent facilities available as well.

$5/ sorry it couldnt be more.

I saw this at the mysql site where you apparently have to register to contact them.

Does he work for mysql/sun? Where is the insurance?

Is he freelance? Is that why there is no insurance?

I like the idea of India. I know in the U.S. a lot of hospitals that will do such work pro bono.

But he still needs money and I'll contribute.

I'd like to see someone organize this better and I'm suprised it is not coming from mysql/sun.

It would be great to see how the total is coming on

F**cking insurance system....
My bad, but this makes me angry as I have a 6 month boy.

Donated 5 EUR.

Mhhh SQL kicked the donation Page... http://search.mysql.com/search?q=help-ivan.html&lr=lang_en

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