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ZendCore 2.0 Integrated with MySQL 5.0

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Database Strategist


There's a good article at that profiles MySQL database guru Brian Aker and his background in achieving high scalability of systems.  Brian is also one of the speakers at the upcoming MySQL Conference & Expo in Santa Clara April 23-26. Brian will be covering several tutorials and sessions on MySQL 5.1, storage engines and replication.  (Note: Tutorials tend to sell out early, so if you want to make sure you can attend these, you should register by March 14.)


It's become a big problem for forum owners to protect them from spam.
Automated programs are sending their ads in huge quantities today.

We're small community of coders, upgrading forum's source code to prevent spam-programs to post ads at your forums.

Our technique is probably one of the best. There's no need in such ugly methods as 'capcha' or 'secret question'.
For average user there would not be any visible effects. No need to make e-mail activation (that usually makes number of successful registrations less), no even need to make your users register at forums to post messages.

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