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Sun to Open Source Java


At this week's Java One conference, newly appointed Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz has pledged to open source Java.  This has long been a bugaboo in the open source community and it caused many to question Sun's commitment to open source.  While there have been many reasons Sun has given in the past for not wanting or needing to open source Java, such as risks of incompatibility between forked versions, these concerns have always sounded a bit overstated.

Rich Green, who has rejoined Sun as the head of software, will take responsibility for figuring out the details of how and when Sun will make it happen.  It took Sun many years of internal battles to open source Solaris, but they did it and it's now getting broader adoption than before.  You can argue whether Sun should have done these moves earlier, but lets give them credit for doing it now.  Sun's open source strategy is critical to their turnaround and so I hope they are able to make good on their commitments.


It's not like they have a choice now that eclipse runs on gcj... IMHO.

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